Describing every car in CC2 (TBC by comments)

The rules are simple:

  • Cars have to be fully maxed out (excludes attachments but allows spoilers)
  • The car’s gear ratio slider has to be at 100%
  • Cars will be tested on the full runway (top speed test), mountain circuit (hard handling test and hill test) and the island circuit (soft handling test).
  • Suggest cars that you need less than 4 tokens for.
  • Please check the CC2 Rename Guide if you’re confused about this.
  • I won’t include some mission cars or cars I do not own.

This will take me AGES.


  • Honda Civic EG Hatchback
    This car is the fastest in the FREE category (group and VIP exclusives not included). Although it’s fast, it accelerates to its top speed too quickly. As soon as it finishes the quarter mile, it’s already reached its top speed. That caused the drag time to be 1:02. This thing turns great, no braking needed at all, but it can’t even manage a sub-1 on the handling circuit. Painfully slow for D class.
  • Morris Mini
    The lightest car in the FREE category (group and VIP exclusives not included). Also the fastest accelerating one. But just like the Civic, it’s slow at the drag strip. And its handling is roughly the same. Except this one has a bit of terminal understeer. Also painfully slow for D class.
  • UAZ 425
    This is the first minibus. But it’s painfully slow on the drag strip. If this was an E class bus, it would suffer. It’s even slow for race class 30-39 standards. Handles well, but only goes 74mph. Painfully slow.
  • Peel P50
    Ok. This is a meme car, but someone suggested I should test it. Ok, I will. It does go 38mph at max (reasonable for a class 0 car) but maxed out, it just accelerates too fast. Also when you turn it, it wobbles a LOT and can even turn over. Trash.
  • Reliant Robin
    A fierce looking car. This is the first 3-wheeler with the single wheel on the front that I’m testing. It does cap out at 85mph (the speed limit of the fastest highway), but it accelerates like really quickly. A 0-60 is 4.5s long. It has a LOT of terminal understeer but here’s the catch: IT CANNOT ROLL OVER. No matter how much you try, you will never roll it over. Overall, decent for quarter miles, garbo for handling.
  • Golf Cart
    I think it’s safe to say that this car is a snail. Like the top speed is like 18mph and it accelerates too fast… Man, you might have good handling, but you’re too slow.
  • Dragster
    Pretty long boi. Apparently it’s X class. That means it’s good, right? Well, kinda. In a drag race, it can reach up to 280mph in a quarter mile. And its top speed is fixed after the quarter mile like the free cars, but that doesn’t stop it from getting a sub 25 second quarter mile. But its steering is dogshit. It has terminal understeer and barely turns at anything above 100mph. Apply some hard braking in non-drag races with this bad boy, hence the name “Dragster”. No wonder it has bike wheels at the front.

I’m gonna get bored of doing every car one by one, so you guys can suggest the cars I can test next and I’ll add them.


I bet this will get like a million replies

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I’m gonna do a few more cars

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By the way if you want you can suggest multiple cars and I’ll add them.

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how can you forget the peel p50

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Ok I’ll do that soon


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