Debating about the 4th dimension and parallel universes

This is a simple topic where we talk about the 4th dimension, the paranormal, and the many other parallel universes that exist elsewhere.

These are theories, talks of fun, and stories. Contribute in any way you want.

Let us first talk about parallel universes.


so we can say stuff like

“in a parallel universe, combustion engines are more environmentally friendly compared to electric”


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Well yes but technically no.

If you were to say that, maybe someone could say “Perhaps in that world, they do not know the harm of those engines yet.”

That keeps all physics intact whilst keeping with your original statement.

Remember, there could be an alternate universe where we still use asbestos…

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oh I get it now

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Our universe is butter, the rest is margarine, country crock, pam, or other products.

Everything seems similar, but the uses, taste, or even the ingredients and composure might be different.


Well, Perhaps there is a universe where people think that a Honda Jazz is a Toyota Yaris

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Isn’t the 4th dimension time :thonkery:

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Wait I think I misread the entire topic ignore me lol

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just go watch intersellar or something

I bet there’s a parallel universe out there where I didn’t post in this topic

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There has to be an alternative universe where obscure companies such as Caparo, Panoz, Ginetta and Tommykaira are the most famous car companies and McLaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini are obscure

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if you can imagine something, there is a parallel universe for it

the number of parallel universes are infinite, but the number of parallel universes will not reach infinity

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there could be an alternate universe where you and Fang fought in arguments for the Caparo T1 while I fought against it

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