DDCN (November 23rd)

First Looks-
Lancia Delta Integrale EV (for rallying)

2024 Polestar 5 (Production Version of the Precept)

Spy Shots-
Volkswagen Aero B

2023 Ford Escape

Audi A6

Porsche News-
Porsche Making a Large 3-Row SUV According to Dealerships
Porsche Dealerships Also Saying that Cayman and Boxster Going Electric Around 2025

Other News-
Hennessey Has Delivered the First Venom F5
Tesla Apparently Has 1.3 Million Cybertruck Reservations
First GMC Hummer EUT Will Be Delivered in December
Ferrari Already Has Ideas for 5 More Icona Models


Lancia brings back the delta but makes it a ev :face_vomiting:

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Is swag