DDCN (November 10th)

First Look-
Subaru Solterra

Drako Dragon

Spy Shots-
Nissan IMk

GMC Canyon AT4X

Porsche Cayman GT4 RS (Should Be Revealed Sometime This Month)

BMW i5

Other News-
Volkswagen Santana, VW’s First Chinese-Built Model, Has Been Discontinued
Ford Bronco Getting Tube Doors by the End of the Year
Chevrolet Silverado Single Cab and Short Bed To Return In WT Trim
Mercedes-AMG One Might Have 877 HP, 535 lb-ft of Torque
Kia Seltos Is the Fastest Selling Car in October
Rivian Wants to Make At Least 1 Million Cars per Year by 2030

Only 6 Automakers Have Signed the Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emission Cars and Vans:
-General Motors
-Jaguar Land Rover