Crusher Suggestions

I have some crusher ideas:

  1. The Ripper: The car is suspended by cables and the floor drops out into a pit of fire. Robot arms come and magnetically attach to the car. The arms move and rip the car apart and drop the pieces into the pit.

  2. The Zapper: Wires come out and attach to the car. Electricity zaps the car and eventually burns it.

  3. The Airplane Crash: Literally exactly what it sounds like.

  4. The Centrifuge: Attaches the car to a centrifuge and spins it around really fast.

These are my current crusher ideas, if you do decide to add the second floor. I might submit more if I have any more ideas.


I don’t like the fact that you copied my post, but some of these sounds good, but the ripper would be hard to code and the airplane crusher would be too big.


It’s not a copy. These are my ideas. Your post was your ideas.


I said POST, not ideas


oh I see, it’s okay


It wouldn’t be as big as some other crushers, like the cannon. Maybe the same size or slightly smaller than the nuke.


centrifuge is best
but it needs to be like a LOT faster than the shredders it should spin at like 200 mph or something
idk the diameter of the centrifuge so i dont know rpm

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