Core Does Not Render

The bug is when I play Car Crushers 2 sometimes the core doesn’t render or load.

This bug happens sometimes.

I played on a iPad Pro 5th Generation with a 11 inch screen when the bug happened (mobile).

The steps for the bug to happen is:

  1. I join the game.
  2. I play the game for some time.
  3. When I go into core it doesn’t render.

This bug only appeared for me in the server.

My Roblox username name is: ckapka.

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just your internet probably

Please don’t judge my outfit I was doing a roleplay :flushed:

I don’t think it is my internet or Wi-Fi because everything else renders fine; my graphics are on automatic my device is strong so I don’t think is is lag either.

this happens to me in the volcano pit too

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this outfit do be lookin drippy ngl

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GPU issue probably

So that means my iPad’s GPU has issues?!?

Kinda if too much pressure is put on it

Ok I will try to put less pressure but I think the problem will still happen.

Try turning down your graphics


I don’t know exactly what it is but my guess is the trigger to load the room didn’t work properly.

i dont think the scripts fully processed when he/she joined

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