Cool post (and the best post you will view in a long time)

yall i just wanna say that i will take a break from forums cause first, i usually end up in arguments or (kinda) starting arguments. second, more people start to dislike me everyday im here (or how i feel like it is). 3rd, i think its just better off if i leave the forums cause i see alot of people getting depressed on here. 4th, i think i am involved with the resigning of @STREnergy because he wants to resign because of the arguing that i am involved with on the forums. I’m sorry if i am confusing yall but its hard to put out why i want to leave for a bit.

wolftrapp (glass cup eater)


also this is gonna take affect tomorrow so peace yall

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Well, sorry bud :(
I’ll be seeing you around hopefully.
And tbh I agree the forums anymore is turning into a black hole of toxicity ive been considering breaking/leaving myself but idk yet
I hope things are better next time.

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another one

i have caused all this i feel like

i am a bad person wolftrapp i literally said i hate you once don’t listen to me just block me

you don’t have to leave
also from what i’ve seen no one else dislikes you

u aint the problem boy. i just think i need to leave bc i involved in some arguments also i wanna prevent me being suspended by ending up involving a back to back argument and getting perma suspended. so its really not ur problem but more of a me problem