Character Speed Changer

This feature allows you to change character speed.
To access this feature, you go to settings then you go to character speed change.
There will be 3 ranges
No superhuman pass: 0 - 16
Superhuman Gamepass: 0 - 32
VIP Server Admin(Only in vip servers): 0-500
Game staff: No limit
This update is useful because you can fake not owning superhuman pass but in reality, you own superhuman pass.

Anti-exploit will detect if superhuman gamepass is owned and if admin status is detected. Banned Character Speed, No Superhuman pass: 17+, Superhuman pass: 33+, VIP Server Admin: 2000+, Game staff: Exempt from this anti-exploit. If a banned speed is detected, the game will attempt to set the character speed to default speed. If attempt fails 5 times then a kick will happen.


wont that scam those who bought superhuman

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Is it a boost for the superhuman gamepass?