CC2 Recent and Next Update Discussion

Hello guys, CCExcellent here.
What do you think about CC2(Car Crushers 2)’s recent update?

And when do you think the next one will come?
Let me know


I think it’s fine i guess
It adds new crushers which is a very rare thing. the fact that the nature pit crusher got moved is… something

The cars are good, we got 2 new (what i like to call) big bois and 2 road cars
out of the 4, I like the Bugatti overall as it has the best handling for a D class car which is very nice

I am not sure when the next update is coming out but I hope it comes during spring

Also, welcome to the community CCExcellent, looks like I am not the only Irishman in here

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The new update seemed minor honestly

4 new cars and a winter themed map

Seemed bland

Hopefully next update is more decent

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