CC2 Race Update Changes (private servers)

  One thing that I think a lot of people love doing is making up their own race tracks. Now that might have been because they had to, since there weren't many races already in the game, but there are those who, like me and my friends, like just being able to do our own races, with our own rules. So I feel a way you could help both kinds of people is, to release all the tracks, because I feel that they will still be fun for most, and still allow those who liked the old map before the race update to, if they are in a Private Server, change it back through the admin panel, or at the very least remove all of the race's checkpoints, guide markings, starting lines, and finishing lines, also if there are things like tires and cones and stuff on the side.
  I feel as if this update to the private servers will be easier than most updates that CC2 gets, but when finished it should make both kinds of people happy.