Cars Sometimes Fall off the World if Driven off a Bridge

When a car is driven on the destruction facility on the bridge and if the car is too fast, suddenly loses control when turning is attempted, and falls off into the water, it will sometimes go through the water and the ground and fall off the world.

This bug only happens sometimes, but for it to be executed, you must drive out of row 1, go into and out of the underground tunnel straight ahead at a very high speed (~200 mph of higher) and not turn with the track and get thrown off the track into the water. Sometimes you will go through the water and ground if you do this. The only currently confirmed car, however, is the EXR Tregleta.

This bug has only happened to me so far, and I have not heard anyone else complain about this, so this may be new with the newly released update



Here are 2 screenshots of me successfully executing this bug as well, both are after I fell through the ground but before I died. One is on my computer and the other is on my phone,and both are with my EXR.
Screenshot (51)

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After some experimentation with this bug, I’ve found that it also works with the Exo Speeder if it’s going about 250 mph or higher.


did you hit a wall? or go into the Ocean?

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I went off of the bridge by hitting a rail at high speed and flipped over it into the ocean, then glitched through the ground at the bottom of the ocean and died

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