If u guys know and play this game u would understand wut im talking about so anyway i was playing car dealership tycoon just now and this guy with a noob car came up to me and went in my dealership at first i was lik ‘eh maybe he just wanted to see my cars cause i put limiteds in that dealership’but i started to feel suspicious of him.So i went up to find him and i saw him looking at a limited car, i went to him and he turned around and looked at me and he said this’can i have this car psl give me i very litlle psl’ i did not spell pls wrongly this was how he said it XD. and even after going away and grinding he kept bugging me which was so annoying lemme know what u guys think of this guy.


before i left he said ‘psl’ and me sad’ and i gave him 1 last reply ‘mk’


He’s nothing more than a sad StRaNgE little man