Buy Cars 2 or more times

I want to be able to have two of the same car. once you pass the amount of money required to drive a car, you then have the option to buy the car, then once you buy it you will be down the amount of money the car costs, and you will be able to buy the car as much as you want. this could be better than just having 1 car, with rocket booster and the plow, you could also have a different version of the same without those addons and have a normal cool looking car.
(sorry if grammar is off I am very tired)


Eh yah nice. I dont really understand what you mean.


basically he just means that you could purchase a car to own the same car more than once, with the benefit that you can have two of the same car, just with different specs with how you customize them


I like that actually


Maybe it should be implemented differently like buying it with credits or something


No shit i get that part. What i dont get is: with which currency am i going to buy the second car with? Is it just like the upgrades!? Like, buy with credits or scraps? How will I access it in the dealer? Will both of them have the same name?


the cars definitely would not have the same name (game accounts for conflicting names)
the cars would probably be right next to each other (same price, it would make the most sense)
to purchase the car, you would use money, they literally said it (the literal money currency)


You cant lose money, you cant buy stuff with it. But you can unlock stuff. If i unlocked a car then i buyed the same car so that I have two of them. I will lose both cars because i lost money buying them. Now I have to unlock them again?

Clearly we dont think the same


valid point there

if we rethink how we can purchase the same vehicle because losing money means you practically reset your progress, then I suppose credits might do the job there

hell, if you want to take it a step further you can purchase them with mission points as an alternative


do you guys understand that you dont purchase vehicles, you unlock them?

from how I get it it seems more of a custom presets thing

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