Blacklisting players from your pvp

I wanna be able to disable pvp against specific people mostly the ones that target you for being rich or just for no reason at all I get targeted in like almost every game I play with pvp for doing nothing


Bro has a point. Blacklisting players from hitting you seems like a great idea.


can’t forget about blacklisting the players who shoot you with rocket launcher for no reason at all also once there was a truck and 3 cars me being the furthest the others being pretty close and you know who they went for well they went for me even tho I was the furthest away probably because I’m rich or maybe I just stop playing altogether this game got me my first warning but at that time there were people calling me rats and they didnt get warned or banned just me for spamming

just turn off extreme pvp ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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you didn’t have to cut me off moment