Balancing Out Vehicle Types

The nice thing about Car Crushers 2 is the large diversity of all the different types of vehicles, but it’s getting a little unbalanced. There are around 400, and a good portion of that are all sports/super cars. There are barely any SUV’s, sedans, pickup trucks, compact, or hatchback cars; the everyday vehicles. I love the countless types, but the game is seriously lacking in those five. So, I personally think there should be a lot more cars like that getting pumped out each update. It would just be really nice having all the common cars in the game, since the dealership would feel much more complete, and there will be a massive quantity of cars for everyone’s type. Hopefully, in a year’s time, there will be a bunch more cars in those five vehicle types.


It would be cool, indeed. However, I think the reason there aren’t so many is the usage factor: in the Beginner Derby, practically no one uses the most common cars because they are common, almost everyone takes the most expensive ones because they are better overall.

The last few cheaper cars they released are still relatively good in Beginner Derby (apart from the Porta Potty), but the problem with cheap cars, if you look at the progression of the game, is that they are more useful for you to unlock new cars, unless whether you like to casually play Beginner Derby or just enjoy driving around the map.

Despite all this, I still wish more common cars were added, but I confess that, since I really like “trolling” in the derby, vehicles that are more exotic catch my attention a lot too haha.

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What I think they should do is list these cars at 1m to 100m, but you could upgrade them a lot more than you typically can. For example, an engine swap upgrade could make the top speed like 200mph and a great acceleration.

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I did a little bit of research and modified street cars can go well above 200mph. Heck, even a fiat 500 can go like 150mph. It would be really nice if they added all these cars with the upgrades making them really fast, so everyone would be happy. I just hope panwellz will do this.