Badge for 4th token and a chat color for it (Violet prob)

that’s it, no additional info required


Isn’t there already a badge for it tho?


There’s a badge for 1st and 3rd tokens, but not the 4th (last I checked)


Oh, well that’s odd


wb chat color there is no chat colors for tokens


There’s a badge for getting the best vehicle


yes we need this


violet is the chat color for contributers i think

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it is well it’s purple but same differences

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This shouldn’t be added in my oppinion, as there is already the badges for 1st and 3rd token and it could confuse many players who quit the game and would have the maxxed out badge but doesn’t have the 4th token one.
Also I’d think you only own a badge the time you reach it, for example you just reached 1 million cash for the first time, and you get the millionarie badge, if you remove it from your inventory, then the only way for you to get it again would be you to either transfer to a new token or start over, and go from the hundreds of thousands of cash to the millions of cash to be able to get the badge again, and not by simply just rejoining the game, even though you’d have more than a million cash, at least I think so, not sure as that would mean you would never be able to get the same parts badge again, unless data save does not work.

Which means there would be people with quadrillions of cash, which would never get “every badge in the game” because of this.

Even though it would be cool for it to follow the same orders as parts and cash badges, you can get up to 3 badges from money, 3 badges from parts but only 2 badges from tokens.

But they’ve always been different anyway,
The 1st money bagde (millionarie) gives you only a Secondary Title,
The 2nd and 3rd money badges (billionarie and trillionarie) both give you a Secondary Title and a Chat Color.

The 1st and 2nd parts badge (25k parts and 100k parts) both gives you nothing,
The 3rd parts badge (250k parts) gives you a Secondary Title and a Chat Color,

The 1st and 2nd tokens badge (1 token and 3 tokens) both gives you nothing.

And it has always been like that and I don’t think it should change.

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