Aston Martin Vulcan Braking

So basically the Aston Martin Vulcan has great handling, which is probably part of the problem.
When I am going at high speed and brake, the car spins, which sucks because it has awesome handling that I want to use and take advantage of.
I’ve spun out when going high speed down the ramp that goes to the underwater tunnel, I try to brake and turn and I spin out.
Sad :(
User: Inferno0017

It has too much handling.

what about the trafera vxg is that one good

honestly, i don’t like it. i only like it for drifting.

i wish this problem can be fixed because handling for dis car is awesome

The Vulcan is my favourite car in the game. I should be toned down just a bit, so it doesn’t spin mid-turn.


anyway the handling-ish thing is also our first peek for the huge, manely updates include the drifting thing, i’ve done lot’s of drifting on the vulcan before that update is out so i rlly enjoy that feature, i think it’s good for both