Applying changes to a car doesn't save

This bug can’t be found in the trello.

What is the bug?
Answer: When you choose a new color or equip rocket booster on cars and spawn them. Sometimes the changes you’ve made don’t apply. This makes it really hard to make changes to your car.

How often does the bug happen?
Answer: Almost Everytime

What steps do you need to take for it to happen? List them in very high detail:

  1. Click on dealership top mid of your screen
  2. Select a car (I found out that It happens for high tier cars the most so try it with a high tier car)
  3. Click on Customize and make some changes (change color or select booster
  4. Click on spawn and you should see that the car spawns without any made changes.

Is the bug related to GUI or something that only happens for you? (GUI = the dealership, derby win screen or any other interface)

*Yes/No: No I don’t see any red messages or yellow messages in console.

Roblox username: TomLcraft

Additional video showcasing the bug


Yes the same has happened to be if you have found a solution please notify me.