Another random physics scenario for planes

Some f18 jets speed overhead and one is lagging so bad they can’t seem to graab any lift and naturally by default smash into the edge of the runway and skid into the water sideways in flames. I power the cessna up and push the throttle lever up slowly about a quarter of the way as the caravan cessna 208 rolls and i turn it gently with rudder and get it to the edge of the runway. A lambo smashes off a wheel forcing me to respawn (The response should be set for aircraft at the airport by default).
I respawn and have no collision enabled as i try taxiing to the runway. I know i can get into the air about half way down the runway easily and i throw the throttle to max. It speeds down the runway and feels easy to yank into the air. I do so and it cruizes at around 150 mph as i do a gentle turn and level off at a medium altitude aiming to land on the facility. The stall warning hits and i pull back( I pull my walking control basic joystick that you use outside a car and it controls pitch and alerons) and full throttle at the same time and kick the rudder to the side to turn around and glide into the stunt park. I bounce off the tunnel tube and barely recover bouncing nearly off the ground as i turn and miss the trees. I damaged both main wheels(the back ones) and now i break out sweating slightly trying to land without getting my prop snapped off and i push the engine to max throttle and speed up. (If it was damaged it would only go to about 75% before it would start heating up and a hot engine light would slowly strobe on gradually and off slowly so its not to blind people with rapidly flashing so its got yo be slow) and i land it on a taxiway. I turn it around and THROW IT AT THE END OF THE RUNWAY TO SEE HOW FAR I CAN RAMP IT BEFORE IT STALLS and sure enough i get about what feels like a mile up In the air before it suddenly becomes sluggish in controls and i try the rudder again and head back around towards the taxiway sharply. The engine smoking and engine lights both for overheat and badly damaged are on. I get about 15 seconds of full throttle before the front of the plane bursts into flames and i pull the throttle down to around idle to save the engine and the engine light stays on.

The temp light stops flashing and i glide it to the ground only to notice both back wheels wont survive that impact at that angle…“oh crud”
Slams onto the taxiway sharply bouncing for the wheels to explode off and roll away the tires as im on the legs of the plane and it snaps the plane apart easily ripping the gear legs off and rolling on the damaged front wheel as i hold the brake pedal down trying to just stop as i ram into the fence at the hangers

This looks more like an #off-topic thing

I’m saying it’s kind of what it should look like when someone pulls things like that if planes get added

What I’m trying to say is this is what should be possible one way or another with the game if they do add planes like the Cessna caravan 208