Air control price lowered for cars in certain price gaps

Ahem. This is totally a logical idea and not me just cyring on forums (it does have some logic behind it ngl) but for cars that are on certain price gaps/limits, air control should cost less. The most logical example is that of cars under the 1 mil price point. These cars (as of the first minutes of release) have at best a 100-150 credit gap for the cost of their air ctrl compared to cars in the billions/trillions. My suggestion is simply making it so for these cars (and other groups) the prices vary a bit more. Example:

  • Cars up to 1 mil have a 350 credit air ctrl
  • Cars up to 50 or 100 mil have it at 450
  • Cars up to 50/100 bil would have it at 600
  • Anything past that at 750

This is aside from any special cases, for example the tanks or whatnot.


Do tanks have air control?

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every vehicle does


That’s funny I wanna see that in action

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