Ah yes glass, I hate it

So I hate glass, I prefer plastic, my friend got me this thing as a lil joke and I kept it (idk why I kept it). So today I go move it to a different location and it ends up blowing up in my hands. Yes I’m ok but I’m going to tell my friends to avoid giving me glass stuff.


cmon man glass is the only thing i eat

my name is glass cup eater too!!!

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ugh plastic is so hard to chew on :nauseated_face:

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well i do have a glass knife (its dull)

damn bro, thats sad, gives glass of water

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hand shakes violently

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I once nearly ate glass when I was 3

i wonder how, i wonder why

Mom broke a glass, I went over to it and when I was so close my mom noticed and was like: “oh hell no”

bruh when i was like 5 or something a glass bulb broke and my dad told me to NOT TOUCH THE SHARDS

what did i do?

touch them

then my finger was bleeding and my dad was so fucking mad

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I guess that sparked your passion for glass

lol yea ig