Addition for more primary titles (new post)

before you all say that I’m reposting a topic, this topic is just another topic for my original post that got deleted, because of my account being deleted too. Ok, now back to topic.

Maybe we can add new primary titles (titles that have Crusher in them). As some people suggested that some roles (like Beta Tester) that have lot of people owning it will be difficult to manage, I’m gonna edit my suggestion.

Maybe let people with less common roles (such as gamepasses, Pro Crusher and Master Crusher) have a choice to choose their primary title. Some secondary titles could also have a primary variant. For instance, Premium Access could have a Premium Crusher title, Rocket Launcher gamepass owners have a Explosive Crusher or Blaster title and Flamethower owners could have a Flammable title.

As I said last post, there should be an option where we are not allowed to choose the same secondary title and the primary variant of it (except weapons like crowbar, flamethrower or rocket launchers because they don’t even have a secondary title).