Add VR Support

Add support for VR! My idea is to make them big people, similar to games like VR Hands. They would be able to throw around cars of people who enabled pvp, punch/slap them, possibly dealing damage to the car. The user would, obviously, be unable to use Derby matches. I could not find any results similar to this topic. I’d love to screw around in VR!


I think this should be private server only

Now heres the problem some cars in first person blocks like 90% of ur view so idk how ur gonna drive

I didn’t say first person view for cars. I said VR as in the VR user would be a big player, not the size of a non vr player. Play a game like VR Hands and look at the VR Users, that’s what I mean. They would be able to pick up & throw around cars like giants. Not to mention crushing them, which would be funny to see, too. Perhaps it would only be for PVP users who would be able to have their cars crushed, just so people don’t spam.

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Hmm… Maybe. However, that might complicate things, too. I say just use the pvp toggle which would enable VR users to interact with your vehicle.