Able to drive underwater with Thrust SSC

The Thrust SSC is capable of driving underwater if it hasn’t lost too many parts. It can’t go very fast, however. If driven far enough, the car will eject you or teleport you to the lobby,and if you teleport back to it, you can keep going until you reach the end of the map and drive off of it.

This bug happens whenever the SSC is taken underwater with a very small amount of damage.

  1. Take the SSC underwater ( for best results, drive off ice into it)
  2. Try driving the SSC. It only goes a maximum of 12 mph for me, though.

While I haven’t heard anyone complain about it, I doubt too many people have the SSC so they wouldn’t know if this works or not.

I have a video of this happening, if it’s needed please DM me, I’m in the CC2 server. It includes the ejection and reaching the end of the world.

Roblox username: ThePokemaniac21