A new part of the map

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Basically, add an aircraft carrier to the crushing facility. It is huge and you could hide a badge in there. So, basically, there is a ramp that goes to the lower deck, and there are elevators leading to the top deck where you could also drag race. There should be a crusher that is included with the premium crushers game pass or something that requires 200k parts to unlock, on the deck called “The Catapult”. You basically use the catapult on the aircraft carrier and you get shot out of the deck very quickly (search up aircraft carrier catapult if you’re confused). I think it should look something like the Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” since there is a ramp at the end of the catapult making you fly upwards. To summarize it, it should basically be a place where you could not only drag race but also use it as a new crusher for fun. Could also be a new landing site for the helicopter with an 80-second countdown. If you need more detail, just ask for more (be specific!) detail in the comments.


I was thinking maybe a warship with HUGE FICTIONAL TURRETS that shoot your car out of them and flings your car to the facility

like you drive inside onto a elevator to get loaded into the turret with a cutscene and all that good shiz (or a select menu but that’s less cool)


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ur right, it could also be a turret. id say it should be a railgun of some sort that fires the car at the same speed as the ssc thrust’s top speed