A few suggestions that will make the gameplay less "raw"

NAME: A few suggestions that will make the gameplay less “raw”

Basically, the game in it’s current state is very “raw”. It looks and feels kinda pale.

Here are some improvements that I suggest (some of them may already exist, some don’t):

- Lit red backlights when braking and driving in (R) reverse
It’s a small change and a small detail that will add a lot more realism to the cars

- Global-/server- based night- and day cycle
I am 100% convinced the game will look better when it’s night, however it would be cool if this would take effect for the entire server

- Better / less jumpy suspension
The suspension is kinda jumpy, like, it could be less aggressive / smoother.

I really see this game as the best drifting game on Roblox, so more FWD cars, a.k.a. the only really driftable cars, would be very nice to see.

- Better drifting event logic
I mean that event thing, basically the drift gets cancelled as soon as u switch drifting direction, idk if this was intentional or not but it makes no sense since you’re still drifting even when changing direction

I apologize again if there are any duplicates, I did research some of these to see if they already exist.
Thank you for your consideration!


And a better map

I actually doubt night is gonna look good after the test with the Halloween event. All the reflections go away on the car, which is the big thing, it looks horrible.
Of course this is a Roblox thing, but if there could be a way to counter it then I might actually like night.

Almost didn’t know what you were talking about here, are you talking about stiffness? Making the suspension less jumpy or stiff will probably give you something like dealership tycoon not gonna lie, I think it is nice how it is right now, feels realistic in a way.

The reflections could be fixed by adding things like street lights, and other light sources around the map. Also by using Roblox’ new lighting engine.

As for the suspension, yeah, it kinda feels stiff. You can really tell that it uses springs, very stiff springs. I don’t know what “dealership tycoon” is, but it really would make the game feel less like lego cars.
Thanks for reading tho!

I think I’ve seen other games with street lights and it generally stays the same. I think it’s more of a material thing rather than lighting engine, if you’re referring to the future lighting that roblox has.

Oh, you’re saying it’s currently too stiff, thought you were trying to say you wanted it more stiff. In which deaslship tycoon is another vehicle game that I mostly only briefly played, but the suspension is really stiff, the cars feel like complete toy cars.

No problem :cool:

You could also add manual shifting and if you want a more variety of cars add motorcycles.

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Motorcycles will never be added




– panwellz

arent they already in the making

I don’t think so as panwellz said no