50 updates in, a discussion about CC2's past and future

So today marks the launch of update 50, which is quite a landmark for many games that don’t post a dozen updates weekly with minimal effort put into them. With that being said, I wanna hear what people, especially ones that have been playing for a long while, thought that upd 50 would look like once it was released.

You could also say what you’d want to be added / what your vision of update 100 is like, whenever that comes around. It’s a loong way from now but a topic that I’m sure has crossed the minds of a few people in here occasionally


honestly when I started playing I wasn’t even sure that cc2 would go as far as update 50


when I first played cc2 I probably did not know my abc’s let alone remember it


When i got robux for the first time this game was my first purchase in 2018 and I remember the Core cooldown is 30 minutes formerly adn I remember Lamborghini existing BECAUSE OF STUPID LICENSING just when i First came to forums

The Current update is actually great with a new Wannabe Lamborghini and a Jet Truck

Best Update Race update with Tachyon Rx7 WRX and Panamera

Worst update 41b

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i ain’t reading all that
i’m happy for u tho
or sorry that happened

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average skilled response:

This is an actually interesting topic people how did yall forget this