2023 Radical SR3 XXR

Radicals SR3 track monster is getting some new powertrain and brake upgrades for the 2023 XXR model. Included in the upgrades is Radical’s new 5th generation 1.5L RPE engine which has been uprated to 232 hp. That’s thanks to a new ignition system, high flow head, forged connecting rods, and lighter crank pins. Engine responsiveness has also improved with the RPE engine capable of revving up to 10,000 rpm. Packaged alongside is a re-enforced six-speed sequential transmission, and the ability to run E85 fuel.

AP Racing have supplied new brake callipers and rotors for increased stopping power, and a new set of lightweight forged wheels are included to reduce unsprung weight. Overall the SR3 XXR weighs in at a light weight 662 kilograms, some 32 kg lighter than the previous model.


I think it has a very weird and ugly shape but looks fast