2013 Lincoln MKT


Top speed:
162 Miles per hour
Acceleration (0-60 stat and the acceleration stat for CC2): 6.85 seconds and I’m pretty sure about 9-11 in this range.
Derby stats:
Attack rating: Somewhere between 52-74 attack score (correct me if I’m wrong.)
Defense Rating: somewhere between 32-60 defense score (correct me if I’m also wrong on this.
This three-row SUV is based on the Ford Flex. Base models are powered by a lackluster 3.7-liter V6. The uplevel turbo V6 version they tested was quick, and returned 18 mpg overall. The ride is comfortable but stiffer than that of the Flex. Handling lacks agility and the MKT is cumbersome at its cornering limits.


Skoda front grill

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