2004 Z71 surburban

2004 Z71 surburban addition


dev note: if developers of cc2 need any detailed pictures of this vehicle, engine, underside, roof (because it has a electric sun roof with it, and other details), interior, etc… don’t be afraid to contact me. I will gladly take the time to get them from my vehicle.

Also- i like the 2004 Z71 surburban specifically because im in love with mine- lol


Pretty sure this has been suggested before

I mean- i can take alot if pictures that are needed to build the surburban- so its easy for the developers (theres really isn’t good pictures of the thing online

theres only two results for surburban technically, and the second one didn’t even have to do with one

Figures why i didn’t find it, its not even in “cc2 vehicle suggestions”

I only search on specific subjects because this is where i was told to put it

Remodels are supposed to be in #suggestions:cc2-suggestions I didn’t even realise that this was in vehicle suggestions :existentialthink:

Crud- can it atleast stayyy- just because it makes sense to be here :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately no, I have to move this over, sorry.

Oh- cool, so it doesn’t have to be deleted

I can also remove the remodel part

Actually if you make this a suggestion for the 2004 Suburban and just remove the remodel part (like you mentioned), this can stay open.

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Because I’m pretty sure the 2004 Suburban hasn’t been suggested yet

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I will do that then, thanks lol

1234 this is my favorite car 5678 i might throw it in a lake